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50fin and Economic times Partnership

Collaboration between 50Fin and The Economic Times: Revolutionizing Financial Access


50Fin and  The Economic Times have come together to offer a revolutionary financial service. 50Fin & The Economic Times have partnered to embed digital Loans Against Mutual Funds for ET’s 48 Million monthly active users! This partnership will allow users to get instant credit against their Mutual Fund units with approval in under 7 minutes!

Empowering Indian Investors: A Seamless Path to Financial Freedom

This innovative partnership redefines the way Indian investors access credit. By combining The Economic Times’ vast readership and 50Fin’s financial expertise, this collaboration aims to democratize secured credit at scale. Now, Indian investors have the opportunity to access a Zero Pre-closure Overdraft (OD) facility at an incredibly low rate of just  11% per annum. What makes this offer truly groundbreaking is the absence of CIBIL checks, the elimination of physical documentation hassles, and a swift disbursal process, ensuring funds reach the investors within 4 working hours!

Zero Hassles, Maximum Benefits

The benefits of this collaboration extend beyond the simplified application process. Indian investors can now enjoy the following advantages:

  • Zero Pre-closure OD Facility: Access to a pre-closure overdraft facility without any additional charges, enabling flexibility and financial control.
  • Low Monthly Interest Rate: An exceptionally low interest rate of 0.91% per month, ensuring affordability and minimizing the burden on investors.
  • No CIBIL Checks: Say goodbye to the hassles of credit score evaluations. This partnership focuses on financial inclusion, welcoming investors from various financial backgrounds.
  • Swift Disbursal: Need funds urgently? With a swift disbursal process, investors can expect the approved amount in their accounts within 4 hours, ensuring timely financial assistance.
  • Digital Convenience: The entire process is conducted online, from portfolio assessment to repayment setup, ensuring a hassle-free and paperless experience for users.

You can find us on The Economic Times here


The Collaboration between 50Fin and The Economic Times marks a significant stride toward financial inclusion and empowerment. By leveraging technology and expertise, this partnership is not merely a business collaboration; it’s a commitment to uplift the financial well-being of millions of Indians. As Indian investors face a future with greater financial freedom, this collaboration stands as a testament to progress and innovation in the financial sector.


Absolutely! Many mutual funds have low minimum investment requirements, making them accessible to investors with small amounts of money.

Like all investments, mutual funds come with risks. However, diversification and professional management can help mitigate these risks.

Actively managed funds are managed by professionals who actively buy and sell securities to outperform the market. Passively managed funds, such as index funds, aim to replicate the market’s performance. Your choice depends on your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

To choose the right mutual fund, assess your risk tolerance, evaluate performance, consider expenses, and align the fund with your financial goals.

Yes, there is a possibility of losing money in any investment, including mutual funds. However, a well-diversified portfolio and a long-term investment horizon can help manage this risk.

Yes, most mutual funds allow online investments, making it convenient for investors to start their investment journey from the comfort of their homes.

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