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Meet your Credit Needs: The Smart Way!


Live for today ? live in the moment ? 

How many of us use these sayings and yet dream about tomorrow.  Where am I going, what am I buying. We are constantly seeking to better our life and lifestyle. We look for ways to earn more and make more, right ? Often we feel that it’s just not enough. 


Maturity is when you adopt to “ The Smart Way”

Learning to manage your income and expenses. We don’t like to even-out income and expenses, do we ? We must save and invest.

When we think about investing, 2 most important questions we ask ourselves. What’s the return on my investment and will my money be stuck in time of need? It’s important to understand the features of the investment instruments/products. Beat it Stocks, Mutual Fund, bonds, gold or any other. Knowing how we can use these investments to meet our financial goals or needs at times, will benefit us immensely.

Yet! Life is full of uncertainties. No matter how much we plan our finances there is always something coming up. Medical emergencies, unplanned trips or family commitments. What do we do at these times ?  withdraw your investments early ? or go for personal loans, credit cards  and use now – pay later products ?  Be aware of these options , it might cost you your return on investments. 

Let’s see how. These easy cash often come with heavy interest rates, frustrating documentation processes or might dig deep in your CIBIL score. And often get caught in this credit loop.


What is " The Smart Way"?

“The Smart Way” as we say. Is about making your money work for you and serve you. 

At 50Fin, we envision democratizing Loan Against Mutual Fund (LAMF). To make LAMF available to all small investors, ensuring that you make best use of your hard earned money in time of need and still reap the benefits of investment.

What do we offer ?

  • A secured and trusted platform
  • Seamless, end to end online loan process
  • Easy accessibility to your mutual fund portfolio
  • Instant lien marking and approval
  • Online KYC and loan agreement
  • Immediate cash disbursement
  • Best interest rate – 1% monthly
  • Easy loan management
  • Pre Closure option without any charges
  • Best in class pre-loan and post-loan service



We believe that “YOU” should have the right to manage your credit / loan. Pre-closure option without any charges, flexibility for partial payment of the principal amount and to top up your credit when required, which helps you plan your finances better.

When you have set yourself on the right path of investment and planning your personal finance. Knowing different ways to benefit from your investments also plays a key role !

Happy investing ! Now you know where to go in time of need.


Absolutely! Many mutual funds have low minimum investment requirements, making them accessible to investors with small amounts of money.

Like all investments, mutual funds come with risks. However, diversification and professional management can help mitigate these risks.

Actively managed funds are managed by professionals who actively buy and sell securities to outperform the market. Passively managed funds, such as index funds, aim to replicate the market’s performance. Your choice depends on your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

To choose the right mutual fund, assess your risk tolerance, evaluate performance, consider expenses, and align the fund with your financial goals.

Yes, there is a possibility of losing money in any investment, including mutual funds. However, a well-diversified portfolio and a long-term investment horizon can help manage this risk.

Yes, most mutual funds allow online investments, making it convenient for investors to start their investment journey from the comfort of their homes.

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